Writing a Solo Show, Part 1 of 7

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Today, especially in the San Francisco theater and standup comedy scene, solo shows or monologues are becoming a great venue to speak your life. And many people are taking the form to the level of mastery. You’ve heard Eric Bogosian on CD, you’ve seen Spading Gray on DVD, maybe you went to the theater and saw your first solo show in person. And now you’re Inspired. “This is it!” you realize. This is how I want to tell my story!


Ending World War Through Laughter

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Yoki Kamuras goal is to measure laughter and to make the measuring device as small as a mobile phone and sell it as a health and amusement device. So at the doctor’s office, along with weighing you, taking your blood pressure and temperature, they could also measure your aH!
Doctor to man in office, “Ok John, turn your head and laugh.”