Standup Specials

Are You Dressed for the Apocalypse?

In her newest standup show, Alicia explores what’s so funny (or not) about climate change, Instagram, and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. It’s raw, uncensored, apocalyptic, non-dual, post post-feminist ukulele comedy at its finest!

Directed by Tom Bentley-Fisher

One Life Stand

“She commands the room, she loves the audience and her humor is above all likable… no meanness, no ridicule, no pain.  It’s easy to be cruel and funny, or loud and funny or rude and funny. It’s a much harder skill to be intelligent and warm and engaging and funny.

Alicia Dattner is the kind of funny you wish your best friend was. The kind of funny you wish you were actually… hers are the lines you wish you had spoken all those times you came up cold. How else can I put this… she’s just really, and I mean really, funny. I predict Alicia Dattner will be a huge star, a household name any minute now.” See the whole review here.

Directed by Tom Bentley-Fisher

Eat, Pray, Laugh

A Spalding Gray meets David Sedaris solo show about one woman’s three-month solo trip across India in search of spiritual salvation – from seductive French yoga teachers to scary Indian toilets, Alicia dishes on everything.

Directed by Tom Bentley-Fisher

The Oy of Sex

This romantic comedy about love and relationships played to sold-out audiences at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, San Francisco Fringe Festival and San Francisco’s Marsh Theatre, and was voted “Best of the Fest” at the San Francisco Fringe Festival, and then was listed in The New York Times Comedy Section for 3 weeks running during its Off-Broadway Premiere.

Directed by Katie Rubin and Tom Bentley-Fisher

The Punchline

This bittersweet one woman comedy show takes an irreverent look at what stops people from pursuing their biggest dreams and asks the big questions: “What’s life all about? Why are we here on earth? Where are they hiding the chocolate?” Ride with Alicia through the seedy underbelly of stand up comedy, the battlefield between ego and bigger ego, the pleas of a Jewish grandmother, and the head-trips of a guru-style psychotherapist.

Directed by Katie Rubin

The Latest Show on Earth

“A conceptual, twisted, idiotically brilliant interactive traveling circus. Dattner, a luscious and loquacious verbal acrobat and ringmistress, sublimates her exhibitionist tendencies and exploits her audience in this salacious, spontaneous, multimedia extravaganza, turning audiences into temporary circus performers.

The Sideshow Obscuro of Post-Modern Curiosities, the Machina Destina Wish Machine, and the Amazing Moderately Flexible Man (“This is Burning Man” author Brian Doherty) are all delightful inventions. Dattner’s “The Latest Show on Earth” makes a wonderful vehicle for the lithe, ridiculously magnetic Benjamin Turner, adorable in a variety of roles such as the Self-Taming Lion Man, and the Emotional Escape Artist. Dattner and Ben make use of the traditional circus obnoxious overacting and relentless flamboyant level of excitement, but their traveling circus is anything but conventional.” -Jeff Stark, Nonsense NYC