clean your keyboard

chapter 13: what's more important than getting shit done? 

do you know your keyboard can have up to 25,000 germs lurking on each square inch? it's never a better time to get out a cotton swab and some rubbing alcohol and drill at some hard-to-reach crevices. it could be almost as satisfying as milking chin zits.
there's that cool website about setting books free. you can track your book if someone finds it and registers it on the internet.

 sometimes it feels good to take your bills out and sort of rearrange them so the most important ones are on top, and maybe write on the back of your hand that you should take that driver's ed test to erase the point off your license. but also, think about how much time you still have before getting that shit done.
isn't it time for a snack? all this cleaning, thinking about doing laundry, and considering paying bills makes a gal hungry! how about a walk to the cafe for a pain au chocolat? mmm! talk about a pleasure trap!

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