Eat, Pray, Laugh!

“Best Comedian” -Voted Best of the Bay, SF Weekly

“TBA” Recommended Production Award -Theatre Bay Area

“Best Storyteller” -New York United Solo Festival, Off Broadway

“Goofy, messy, and fun!” Pick of the Week -SF Weekly

“Pick of the Week” -SF Chronicle 96 Hours

“What’s Hot Pick of the Week” feature -ABC 7 TV

“Best of the Fringe” -Phoenix Fringe Festival

“Solo Show Festival Honoree” -Ross Valley Players

“Roar of the Crowd Award” -Goldstar Events Award for Highest Member Rated Show

“Sold Out Show Award” -SF Fringe Festival


Eat, Pray, Laugh! chronicles Alicia’s three-month solo trip across India in search of spiritual salvation – and everything she finds instead.  From seductive French yoga teachers to scary Indian toilets, Alicia dishes on everything including the Italian fashion exporter with a Krishna fetish and mosquitoes the size of small ponies, to Chabad Jews on the Ganges and ultimately, the true meaning of mustaches and masala chai.  Audiences enjoy a delicious cup of chai (tasty Indian tea) and prasad (an offering of sweets) and sometimes even a professional kirtan session (call and response Hindu chanting) at each performance.

What Audiences Are Saying…

  • “She made me laugh for an hour straight. THAT’S talent.” -Aaron Kllc
  • “What a wonderful experience! Her writing is so sharp. Her timing, use of space on stage, wisdom and wit combo, impersonations of different nationalities, and overall genuine humanity wowed us.” -Dina Hirsh
  • “Her show is refreshing,very funny and she sparkles telling the story of her trip. Her impressions were hysterical. Can’t wait to see where she travels for next year’’s show!” -Mrs. T.
  • “Alicia Dattner’s wit, presence, physical grace, timing, and dazzling mimetic mastery of a wide range of accents.” -Bob Liss
  • “Alicia offers wit, insight, and indeed her own somewhat off-kilter enlightenment and new-found inner strength from her journey. Also, Alicia is very funny.” -John P.
  • “She kept us on the edge of our seats with suspense, laughter and titillation. Alicia is a gifted story teller and comedian with dead on impressions and whole body (and spirit) dedication. There were lots of laugh out loud one-liners as well. There’s a good message in this too: Don’t take yourself (and your “journey”) so damn seriously!” -Liz Grant
  • “My belly hurt from laughing so hard.  I could relate to so much of what she was saying…  Alicia finds the humor in the smallest things and picks it out in a way that I find myself howling, from my belly and from my heart.”  -Sasha R.
  • “The jokes struck my funny bone so that I wanted to retell them again and again–to the people who had just seen the show with me. Long after the show, we were all appreciating having had our thinking bones tickled. And our spirits lifted. And our hearts caressed.”  -Steve B