Published Books

Is This It? A Children’s Book (for Adults) about Getting Everything You’ve Never Wanted, and Much, Much Less! (on Amazon)

“Plenty of head-nodding as I enjoyed the ‘you already knew this and probably didn’t remember’ and the multiple ‘A-ha’ moments. Author Alicia Dattner has given us a fun, and easy read with a mighty emotional core to recenter the bonds with your self, others, and the world. A very satisfying conclusion.”
-Sharon Slayer

Getting Shit Done: The Art of Feeling Good about Doing Nothing, Faster (on Amazon)

“Laugh-out-loud humor about the futility of time management… a joke in itself. Alicia Dattner is a gifted writer and comedian. The illustrations are great! Fantastic concept all around. Perfect book for those who are tired of doer-ship and know it’s a useless battle against the to-do list, so why bother? I look forward to doing nothing, faster, with the help of this most excellent guide.” – Erin Reese