SOLO SHOWDOWN: Comedy & Storytelling Workshops


Solo Showdown Comedy & Storytelling Workshops

Whether you’ve never been on stage in your life, or you’ve been performing since you were six, this workshop is for you. Whether you want to write a standup routine about losing socks in the dryer, an edgy monologue about the sex scandal in your Army unit, or a TED Talk about endangered frogs, the supportive atmosphere and the high caliber of students will bring your work to life…

Come for the knock-down, drag-out, full self-expression with the full range of human emotion. Stay for the fun and connection. Leave with a 10-15 minute piece you can perform anywhere. The workshop culminates in a performance you can invite your friends and family to.

Life is short. Let’s bring It.

NEXT 8-WEEK WORKSHOP: Tuesday evenings, starting May 10th, 2016 Oakland