The Latest Show on Earth–Unearthed

I recently found a review on someone's blog about the circus I started back in '03-'04. We had dispersed some DVD's of the tour movie, and I guess she got a copy!
"A traveling conceptual, twisted, idiotically brilliant circus by Dattner and Ben Turner that travelled through the country, performing in 20 cities in double that amount of time, making audiences into temporary circus performers, such as the Amazing Moderately Flexable Man. Dattner's invention of "The Latest Show on Earth" makes a wonderful vehicle for the lithe, ridiculously magnetic Ben Turner, adorable in a variety of roles such as the Self Taming Lion Man, and the Emotional Escape Artist. Dattner and Ben made use of the traditional circus obnoxious overacting and relentless flamboyant level of excitement, but their travelling circus was anything but conventional."
-Tantra Bensko