the REAL real value of Getting Shit Done

the REAL real value of Getting Shit Done

 i've spoken about how implementing GSD can bypass stumbling blocks, open side-doors for unexpected organization, and radically shift the way you navigate your day-to-day life.
but there's one even greater application of GSD that i've been saving for last… what's MOST exciting about GSD: a successfully integrated system will streamline the research process and fast-track your late-life or post-humus biography to the press. biographers, historians, and archaeologists can literally spend years tracking down yellowing photos, work emails, 4th grade english tests, finger paintings, diaries, love letters, back taxes, possibly sentimental nic nacs, lists of old lovers, notes on inventions, screenplay drafts, and collected business cards to gain insight into the depth and breadth of your character. 

they need to get an idea of who you were, really. an annotated catalog of all these items, as i keep in several fireproof trunks, will allow full interpretation of your life philosophy, evidence of having lived according to that philosophy, and given of yourself, and left a legacy, only partially in granite, for the People for generations, nay, centuries to come.

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