The Viking Bride

I read a blog today. It was written in That Style. The guy referred to his children as The Boy Child and The Girl Child and his wife as The Viking Bride. Each entry described a Small Dismiss-able Event that, now inscribed in electronic ink, reified the event's contextual meaning. Each entry had a touching, bittersweet ending.

I confess I really can't identify the style or its origins. I don't know what this guy was doing, but he was doing it badly. And I think I might be doing it too. Too many adverbs? Too many Capitalized Words? Too many readings of AHWOSG? I can barely type a sentence now! What if I say something sentimental? What if I don't? "did you read dattner's blog?" "yeah. she's still so snarky-po-mo." "dag, she didn't get the earnest memo." "um, are you gonna finish that white mocha chai?"

 I did learn today. I learned that I don't need to read random blogs of questionable quality, or watch struggling comedians at open mics, or talk shows on cable access. For it impedes my ability to create my own random blog of questionable quality, which I am enjoying immensely.

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