Timesuck Top 10

10. Considering writing a blog. Write the dumb blog. It'll only be sand-blasted into the internet forever. Your words will likely be at once un-losable and lost; probably no one will ever read them, but everyone will be able to forever.
9. Considering "becoming an expert" on something (thanks to the internet, I made my cat an expert on pet products, and she's threatening to book more speaking engagements than me.)
8. The twenty minutes lying in bed between when the alarm goes off and you start meditating. Instead: two minutes to jot down notes about what you dreamed, and onto the mat.
7. Most internet research.
6. The rest of the internet research.
5. Time spent deciding but not making a decision.
4. Any of the "deadly sins" are just a waste of time (albeit a really unpleasant waste of time for all involved, but I might go so far as to say that the biggest sin is wasting time.) In Judaism, the word for sin is chait, meaning to miss the mark. It's not really a value judgment so much as a way of re-aligning one's aim, which is never a timesuck.
3. Being in a hurry is actually a waste of time. Discuss.
2. Let's throw in guilt and worry.
1. How silly would it be to say "reading blogs?" This is known as a callback. The callback ties everything up in a neat little bow.

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