your own personal guide to 21st-century life

monsters. menches. villains. cokeheads. gamers. slumlords. i've seen it all in my short time on this roundish rock. the following are simply some guidelines: 1) disregard some guidelines and go straight to the show listings 2) always keep a flashlight and a pocket knife handy 3) know rhymes about snakes plants liquor and sea-weather
4) discover whether you are "mono" or "poly" (this covers gods and sex as well as glycerides and esters)
5) do at least one thing too much
6) jump
7) duck (now!)
8) attend live performance early and often…
(and go ahead, visit

[i just returned from new york where i had a great set at HA! COMEDY CLUB (featured in the New Yorker, la ti da). my film (with all new audio remastering by lars hidde) is screening sunday in the SANTA CRUZ FILM FEST. it just won BEST COMEDY SHORT in the bare bones international film fest.

fall circus plans persist. book a show ("The Latest Show on Earth") anywhere in the country with sibley meyer…]

double header! this thursday i'll be hosting comedy & chaos at the blue danube and then i dash over to the ODEON where i, the illustrious dattner, host KOSTUME KARAOKE! we provide the costumes, you provide the stupidity. very cheap beer. very much fun. see me in a whole new light (i. e. the dark). you've heard of hit-or-miss. this is hit-and-miss. this is a must. a don't-miss. an every-week-i-am-in-attendance. trust me.